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In this Exhibition ("Overview Section 1":REQUIRED)

Max 150 words. Should provide an overview of the exhibit and go into more detail about the major topics/themes. Really focus on what people will learn.

You might also consider repeating this information at the beginning of the description of the first object. I realize the user experience for this isn't super ideal at the moment. It's to deal with some legacy content and we can improve it in the future.

Learn More ("Overview Section 2": OPTIONAL)

This space is flexible. You can provide lists of related material (like finding aids, books, related sources, etc.) and/or include more complete historical/biographical essays relevant to the exhibit or the archive/collections from which the material was selected.

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Side Panel Note 1

If needed, this section allows you to include notes regarding language in captions or definitions of terms.

This is a second paragraph in the same note. You can also add links!

Side Panel Note 2

This is a second note if so desired.


I think this is what we call "Credit" in the template; I'll have to check with the team. It really should have an author and a date. Example: After-lives of War: [subtitle here] was curated and written by Thuy Vo Dang, curator, Southeast Asian Archive at UC Irvine (2017).

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