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City: Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: (510) 642-6657
Description: The University of California, Berkeley is home to many valuable collections of non-book artifacts and objects housed in campus museums, libraries, and archives. Managing, conserving, and providing access to these collections is an important contribution to the fulfillment of the University's research, teaching, and public service missions. These collections, including those that increasingly feature digitized materials, document the cultural, biological and physical diversity of California and many other regions and cultures of the world. The collections support research and teaching in many disciplines across campus, from Art to Zoology. The collections are large and diverse in content and many are among the premier collections of their kind in the world.
Url: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/
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1630 Collections
Brown for Governor Campaign Committee Records UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Browne (John R.) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Bryant (Harold C.) field notes UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Budget request documents submitted to the Office of the President, University of California UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Buildings of Berkeley, California, ca. 1915 UC Berkeley [Harvest: Legacy OAC]
Buildings of the California Wine Association, ca. 1898 - Views UC Berkeley [Harvest: Legacy OAC]
Bull Henrick Collection, 1950-2009 UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Bullfrog Bank and Trust Company records UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Bullion and Exchange Bank Records UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Bully Hill Mine photographs relating to the Lawrence May family, ca. 1870-1919 UC Berkeley [Harvest: Legacy OAC]
Bureau of Public Administration Archives UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burgess (Gelett) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burgess (Gelett) Papers - Illustrations UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burkett (William A.) papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burnett (Peter H.) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burns (Daniel M.) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burnstein (Malcolm) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Burton (Phillip) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Businesses and Scenes in Oakland, Calif. UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Byerly (Perry) papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Cahill (Berhard J. S.) Records, ca. 1889-1938 UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Cajori (Florian) papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Calaveras and Mariposa Counties, California - Views UC Berkeley [Harvest: Legacy OAC]
Calder-Hayes Family Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Caldwell (James Ralston) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]

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