27162 Collections
Yearbooks San José Public Library, California Room [Harvest: OAI-PMH]
Yeaton (Ivan D.) Papers [Harvest: None]
Yeats (W. B.) Letter UC San Diego [Harvest: None]
Yeats (W. B.) Letters UC Santa Cruz [Harvest: None]
Yelland (William R.) Collection, ca. 1917-1956 UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Yellen (Ben) / Charles L. Smith correspondence UC San Diego [Harvest: None]
Yellen (Ben) correspondence with Arthur Brunwasser UC San Diego [Harvest: None]
Yellen (Ben) Versus Imperial Irrigation District Collection UC San Diego [Harvest: None]
Yellow Aster Mine Research Material UC San Diego [Harvest: None]
Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks - Views UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Yellowstone Park : color photogravures by F. Jay Haynes UCLA [Harvest: None]
Yelsky (Isadore) photographs [Harvest: None]
Yen (Hui-ch'ing) typescript [Harvest: None]
Yeomans (Pat) Collection on Bill Henry and the History of the Olympics Occidental College Library [Harvest: Legacy OAC]
Yerbury (Ann) Papers UCLA [Harvest: None]
Yerington (Henry M.) Papers UC Berkeley [Harvest: None]
Yevtushenko (Yevgeny) Papers Stanford University, Manuscripts Division [Harvest: None]
Yin (Haiguang) papers [Harvest: None]
Yinger (Paul W.) Papers Graduate Theological Union [Harvest: None]
Yingst (John Leonard) papers [Harvest: None]
Yoga Institute of America Papers Stanford University, Manuscripts Division [Harvest: None]
Yolo Base Line, California - Photographs UC Berkeley [Harvest: Legacy OAC]
Yolo County Archives Board of Supervisors Agreements [Harvest: None]
Yolo County Board of Supervisors Agriculture Commission Reports [Harvest: None]
Yolo County Clerk-Recorder [Harvest: None]

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