1937 Yolo County Aerial Photographs
30th General Hospital
A History of Subtropical fruits and nuts in California (1963)
A History of UCSF
Advertising Artwork of Dr. Seuss
AIDS history video collection
AIDS Poster collection
Air Photos
Angels Camp Museum
Anne McCaffrey papers
Anteater Chronicles
Arkatov Collection of photographs of musicians
Avery E. Field collection
Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability
Branson DeCou Digital Collection
British Women Romantic Poets
Bruman Map Collections
Bulletin of Calif. Dept. of Water Resources
Bulletin of Calif. division of Mines and Geology
Bulleting of Calif. Dept. of Water Resources
ca. 73 additional collections
California Agricultural Experiment Station Publications
California Light and Sound
California Loyalty Oath Digital Collection
Call to Arms: Communist Ephemera of Madrid During the Spanish Civil War
Cased Photographs
Chicano Studies Research Center
Chinese seals
Citrus Experiment Station Centennial Exhibition
Citrus Fruits and their Culture in Kwangtung Province, South China(circa 1936)
Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project
Daniel J. Crowley and Jean Colvin Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil videocassettes, 1983
Days of Cal
Dibblee Geologic Maps
Disability Rights Movement
Dr. Seuss Went to War
Duc Nguyen video footage for Bolinao 52
Early campus photograph albums
Early campus photograph albums
Earthquake and Fire Digital Collection
Eastman's Originals
EDVR Images
EDVR/National Jukebox
Edward Cochems photographs
EECS Technical Reports
Egan (Richard) Manuscript Maps of Orange County
El Teatro Campesino Videos
Electronic Theses and Dissertations
eScholarship: "Time Will Tell, But Epistemology Won't: In Memory of Richard Rorty" A Symposium to Celebrate Richard Rorty's Archive
eScholarship: LAUC-I and Library Staff Research
Estado que manifiesta el que tenian las misiones de la antigua California
Ethnomusicology Archive: D. K. Wilgus Archive
Eugene Loring films
F. Sherwood Rowland born digital files
Floyd Halleck Higgins Photographs of Mexican Sugar Beet Workers
Fort Chaffee Photographs of Vietnamese and Cambodian Refugees
Frank (Anne) Photographs of Southeast Asian American Communities
Frank Cancian photographs of Main Street UCI
Frank Cancian photographs of Orange County housecleaners, Zinacantan, and Lacedonia
George Fujimoto diaries
Grateful Dead Records
Harold Scheffler Papers (Melanesian Archive)
Harry Crosby Collection
Henry O. Nightingale diary
Herb Greene Photographs
Hihn-Younger Archive
History of Costume Collection
Homeopathy collection
Honeyman Collection
Howard E. Gulick Papers
Hugh Everett III Manuscripts
Hugh McMillan photographs
Huxley (Aldous) Papers
Instructional Image Collection
Internet Archive collections
J. Hillis Miller born digital files
Jaded magazines
Japanese woodblock print collection
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology
Journal of California Anthropology
K.W. (Kyung Won) Lee Papers, 1972-1998
Korean Posters
Labor Contracts (UFW)
Library Calisphere collections
Lick Observatory Records
Los Angeles Daily News Negatives
Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive
Ly Kien Truc Photographs of the Hi-Tek Demonstrations
Mark Poster papers
Marquis McDonald Photographs
Marshall (Brigitte) Files on Southeast Asian Refugees.
McLean collection
Mexican Revolution photographs
Michael Merrifield videos
MIL Finding aids
MIL patron scanning/digitizing requests
Milton Halberstadt Papers and Photographs
Missions of Alta California
Mitchell I. Bonner photographs and ephemera
Morrison (Gayle) Files on Southeast Asian Refugees
Motion Picture Stills
Mugbook, Merced County, ca.1890-1907
Neutra (Richard and Dion) Collections
Omeka Meta-Collection
On demand patron requests
Ongoing AV preservation/digitization
Online Archive of UCI History
Online Archive of UCI History: oral histories and audio recordings
Online Archive of UCI History: publications
Oral History Interviews
Orange County Californio Families Portrait Photograph Album
Orange County Government Information Web Archive
Orange County Rancho Title Abstracts, Collection of
Orange County Surveys
Organic Farming/Sustainable Ag Oral Histories
Oswald Jonas memorial collection
Pacific Poll
Paul de Man manuscripts
Paul G. Pickowicz Collection of Chinese Cultural Revolution Posters
Performing Arts Collections
Photograph collection
Pleasants Family Papers
Pre-1600 Single Leaf Registry (SLR)
Project Ngoc Records
Quest for Peace interviews
Raymond L. Watson born digital files and digitzed slides
Refugee Forums, Collection on
Regional Oral Histories
Reinhard S. Speck cholera collection
Richard Rorty born digital files
Riverside, California photographs
Robert L. Day digital image collection
Roger Keesing Papers (Melanesian Archive)
Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art Collection
Sabino Osuna papers
Salvadoran Presidential Election March 2009 - Web Archive
Sam McCulloch oral histories
Santa Cruz County Historical Photographs
School of Dentistry 130th Anniversary
Scripps Images
Shots of War
Soil Resource Inventory of Sequoia National Park, Central Part, California, 1987
Song GIS
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center Records
Southeast Asian Archive Vertical File Collection
Southeast Asian Genetics Program records
Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection
Special Colections patron scanning/digitizing requests
Stanley Fish born digital files
Statistics Reports
Sylvester M. Lambert Papers (Melanesian Archive)
The B. Traven Collections at UC Riverside Libraries
The Chinese in California
The Citrus Industry (1967-1989)
The Highlander student newspaper
Tomas Rivera Archive
Tran (Paul) Files on Southeast Asian Refugees
Tuskgee Airmen Archive
U.S. Census of Manufactures, selected years
UC History Digital Archives
UC Riverside campus website and Riverside County government document web archives
UCI Electronic Theses and Dissertations
UCLA Center for Oral History Research
UCLA Historic Photographs
UCLA Preserved Silent Animation
UCR faculty publications
UCR Libraries Author Series video webcasts
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UCSC Aerial Photograph Collection
UCSC Campus History
UCSC Map Collections
UCSD History: Oral Histories / 50th Anniversary
University Archives Photographs
University Archives photographs
University Communications images
University of California, Irvine, Communications photographs
University of California, Irvine, Department of Anthropology motion pictures
USGS Topos scanning
Vietnamese American Oral History project
Visual Front: Spanish Civil War Posters
Viticulture Lectures
W. Gerhardt photographs
Walsh (Robert) Files on Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement and Education
Weber (Mark) Collection
Wieslander Vegetation Type Maps & Photographs
World Values Survey: Vietnam
WRCA ContentDM
WRCA eScholarship
WRCA Lee Collection & other published non-circulating materials
WRCA Lippincott Collection [Los Angeles Aqueduct]
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WRCA Web Archiving Service Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
WWII Japanese American Assembly Center newsletters

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